fendiharis.com – The meaning of bathe is commonly associated with using water to wash, cleanse, or immerse, whether for personal hygiene or cleaning purposes.

The word “bathe” is a verb that can have the following meanings:

  • To wash or cleanse the body or a specific part of it by immersing it in water or using water to clean it. This often involves taking a bath or shower for personal hygiene purposes. For example, “I need to bathe before going out.”
  • To immerse oneself or someone else in water, such as a pool, lake, or sea, for leisure, relaxation, or recreation. This can refer to swimming or wading in water. For instance, “The kids love to bathe in the ocean during their vacation.”
  • To wash or soak something in water or a liquid for cleaning or other purposes. This can apply to objects, such as clothes or dishes. For example, “She will bathe her feet in warm water to relieve soreness.”

In summary, “bathe” involves using water to clean or soak either oneself, someone else, or objects. It can be related to personal hygiene or recreational activities involving water.

Here are the meanings of “bathe” in English, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, and Marathi:

Meaning Bathe in English:

  • Meaning: To wash or cleanse oneself or something by immersing in water or using water to clean.
  • Example: “I like to bathe in the morning.”

Meaning Bathe in Hindi:

  • अर्थ: पानी में डुबकी लगाकर नहाना या साफ करना।
  • उदाहरण: “मैं सुबह नहाकर आनंद नहीं लेता।”

Meaning Bathe in Urdu:

  • معنی: پانی میں غوطہ لگانا یا صفائی کرنا۔
  • مثال: “میں صبح کو نہانے کا مزہ نہیں لیتا۔”

Meaning Bathe in Tamil:

  • அர்த்தம்: தண்ணீரில் முதுகையை அழுத்துவது அல்லது தூங்குவது.
  • எடுத்துக்காட்டு: “நான் காலை தூங்கி மகிழவில்லை.”

Meaning Bathe in Marathi:

  • अर्थ: पाण्यात तळणारे किंवा सफाईसाठी पाण्याचा वापर करणे.
  • उदाहरण: “मला सकाळी स्नान करायचं आहे.”

Please note that translations may not always capture the full range of nuances, but these translations should provide a general understanding of the word “bathe” in these languages.

Related terms of “bathe” include:

  • Bathing: The gerund form of “bathe,” which refers to the act of washing or cleansing oneself or someone else by immersing in water or using water to clean.
  • Bath: Noun form of “bathe,” which is a container or fixture filled with water in which a person can bathe for personal hygiene.
  • Shower: A bathing method involving standing under a spray of water to cleanse the body.
  • Soak: To immerse something in water or a liquid to make it wet or to cleanse it thoroughly.
  • Wash: To clean something, typically using water and soap or detergent.
  • Cleanse: To remove dirt, impurities, or contaminants from someone or something.
  • Immersion: The act of completely submerging something in a liquid, like water.
  • Dip: To briefly immerse something in a liquid or to immerse a part of the body in water.
  • Swim: To move through water by propelling oneself with the limbs.
  • Bathhouse: A public facility where people can bathe or shower, often with access to additional amenities like saunas or steam rooms.

These terms are related to “bathe” in the sense that they all involve the use of water for cleaning, washing, or recreational purposes. ( Date. July 31, 2023 01:51:01 )

What is bathe? bathe meaning
What is bathe? bathe meaning