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Beastie Definition

Beastie Definition – “Beastie” is a colloquial term used to refer to a small or cute creature, typically an animal. It is often used in an affectionate or endearing way when talking about small, wild animals, insects, or even mythical creatures. The term “beastie” is a diminutive form of the word “beast,” with the suffix “-ie” or “-y” added to create a more endearing or diminutive version of the word.

For example, people might use the term “beastie” when referring to creatures like squirrels, rabbits, butterflies, or any other small, adorable animal. It can also be used to describe imaginary creatures from folklore or popular culture, such as tiny dragons or cute mythical beings.

Overall, “beastie” is a casual and affectionate way to refer to small creatures, highlighting their charm and cuteness.

Word History

Word History of “Beastie”: The word “beastie” is a diminutive form of the word “beast.” The suffix “-ie” or “-y” is used to create a more affectionate or diminutive version of a word. So, “beastie” essentially means a small or cute version of a beast or animal.


Types of Beastie:

  • Mythical Beasties: Creatures from folklore and mythology, such as dragons, unicorns, and griffins.
  • Fictional Beasties: Creatures found in literature and popular culture, like werewolves, vampires, and trolls.
  • Imaginary Beasties: Creative and whimsical creatures invented by artists, writers, and storytellers.
  • Real-Life Beasties: Small, wild animals like insects, rodents, or small mammals, referred to affectionately as “beasties.”


Phrases of Beastie:

  • “Look at that adorable little beastie!”
  • “The children were fascinated by the strange beasties in the storybook.”
  • “Careful not to step on any beasties while hiking in the woods.”
  • “In the magical forest, there were all sorts of mystical beasties.”
  • “Her room was decorated with plushy beasties from different fantasy worlds.”
  • “The park is teeming with cute beasties like squirrels and rabbits.”
  • “The old house was said to be haunted by ghostly beasties.”
  • “I saw a tiny, furry beastie scurrying across the kitchen floor.”
  • “During the camping trip, the children loved searching for interesting beasties.”
  • “The movie featured an array of fantastic and terrifying beasties.”


Interpretations of Beastie:

  • Endearing Creatures: Beasties are often seen as adorable, charming, or cute creatures.
  • Symbolism: In mythology and folklore, some beasties represent specific qualities or have symbolic meanings.
  • Imagination: Beasties can reflect the creative and imaginative aspects of human minds.
  • Fear: In some contexts, beasties might evoke fear or represent dangerous and unknown creatures.
  • Exploration: Beasties encourage exploration and discovery of the natural world and fantastical realms.

Usage Examples

Usage Examples Sentence of Beastie:

  • The children spent the afternoon chasing butterflies and other small beasties.
  • The fantasy novel was filled with a wide variety of extraordinary beasties.
  • As the night fell, eerie sounds of mysterious beasties echoed through the haunted woods.
  • The cartoon featured cute little beasties living in a magical kingdom.
  • The local folklore spoke of a mischievous beastie that played pranks on unsuspecting travelers.
  • The ancient manuscript described mythical beasties guarding hidden treasures.
  • The artist’s illustrations depicted a whole world of fantastical beasties.
  • Nature enthusiasts set out on a quest to spot rare and elusive beasties in the rainforest.
  • The documentary explored the behavior and habits of various nocturnal beasties.
  • The bestiary contained detailed descriptions of different beasties from ancient legends.


  • Similar words to “Beastie”: creature, critter, animal, being, organism, living thing.


  • Opposite words to “Beastie”: human, person, civilized being, non-animal.
Beastie Definition Meaning - What is Beastie?
Beastie Definition Meaning – What is Beastie?

Beastie Meaning

What is Beastie? The term “beastie” refers to a small or cute creature, often an animal or an imaginary being. It is used as an affectionate or endearing term to describe these small creatures, emphasizing their charm or adorableness. The word “beastie” is derived from “beast,” with the suffix “-ie” or “-y” added to create a more affectionate or diminutive form. It can be used to refer to real-life small animals, insects, or even to describe mythical creatures from folklore or fiction.

In summary, “beastie” is a term used to lovingly describe small creatures, portraying them in a cute and endearing light.


Beastie Meaning in English: In English, “beastie” refers to a small or cute creature, often an animal or an imaginary being, and is used affectionately.

Beastie Meaning in Hindi: In Hindi, “beastie” can be translated as “छोटा जानवर” (chhota janwar), which also conveys the idea of a small animal.

Beastie Meaning in Urdu: In Urdu, “beastie” can be translated as “چھوٹا جانور” (chhota janwar), similar to its meaning in Hindi.

Beastie Meaning in Tamil: In Tamil, “beastie” can be translated as “சிறிய விலங்கு” (siṟiya vilangu), which means a small animal.

Beastie Meaning in Marathi: In Marathi, “beastie” can be translated as “लहान प्राणी” (lahan prāṇī), conveying the idea of a small creature or animal.


What is Beastie slang for?

Beastie is slang for a small or young beast, typically used to refer to animals such as insects, small mammals, or reptiles. Both “Beastie” and “Beasty” are acceptable spellings, although “Beastie” is more commonly used.

Where does the word beastie come from?

The word “beastie” is derived from the word “beast,” which comes from Old French and Latin roots. It has been used in English since the 14th century to refer to animals. The term “beastie” is a diminutive form of “beast,” indicating a smaller or younger version of a beast.

What is Beastie small definition?

The simple definition of “beastie” is a small or young beast, often used to refer to animals such as insects, small mammals, or reptiles.