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Meaning of Bequest in English

Bequest - Bequest Meaning - What is Bequest

Bequest Definition and Meaning: A bequest refers to a gift or inheritance of personal property or assets that is given by an individual, known as the testator, in their last will and testament to a designated beneficiary. This beneficiary could be a family member, friend, organization, or any other individual or entity the testator wishes to bestow their assets upon after their passing.


Origins Terms of Bequest: The term “bequest” has its origins in Old English, where “be-” means “about” or “around,” and “cwis” means “choice” or “request.” In modern usage, it refers to a specific gift or legacy left behind as part of a person’s will.


Examples of Bequest:

  1. John, in his will, made a bequest of his antique collection to the local museum.
  2. Mary decided to leave a significant bequest to her favorite charity in her last will.
  3. The wealthy philanthropist included a bequest of a substantial sum to establish a scholarship fund for underprivileged students.

Related Terms

Related Terms of Bequest:

  • Inheritance: The act of receiving assets, including money, property, or other possessions, from someone who has passed away through their will or legal inheritance laws.
  • Devise: A gift of real estate (land and buildings) through a will.


Synonyms and Antonyms of Bequest:

  • Synonyms: Legacy, gift, inheritance, endowment, benefaction, donation
  • Antonyms: Debt, liability, encumbrance, burden


Translations of Bequest in English, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Marathi:

  • English: Bequest
  • Hindi: वसीयत (Vasiyat)
  • Urdu: وصیت (Wasiyat)
  • Tamil: உடைநிலைப் பொறுப்பு (Uṭainilaip poṟupp)
  • Marathi: वसीयत (Vasīyat)

Please note that the translations provided here are approximate and may vary depending on the context.

What is Bequest?

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