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What is A Cart?

A cart is a type of wheeled vehicle designed for transporting goods, materials, or people from one place to another. It is a simple form of transportation, typically pulled or pushed by animals, humans, or machinery. Carts have been used throughout history for various purposes, including agricultural work, industrial operations, and street vending.

Carts come in different sizes and configurations based on their intended use. Some common types of carts include hand carts (also known as hand trucks), horse-drawn carts, ox carts, farm carts, utility carts, and street vendor carts.

In modern times, carts are still utilized in certain industries and for specific purposes, although they have been largely replaced by motorized vehicles and machinery in many applications. Nonetheless, carts remain an important and practical means of transportation in various contexts.

Cart - What is a Cart - Cart Meaning - Cart Definition
Cart – What is A Cart – Cart Meaning – Cart Definition

Definition of Cart

Definition of Cart: A cart is a wheeled vehicle typically used to transport goods or materials. It usually has two or four wheels and can be pulled or pushed by animals, humans, or machinery.

Word History of Cart

Word History of Cart: The word “cart” has its origins in Old English “cræt,” which is related to the Old Norse word “kartr,” both meaning a cart or wagon. The term has been used for centuries to refer to vehicles used for transportation.

Cart Meaning

The meaning of “cart” refers to a wheeled vehicle used for transporting goods or materials. It typically has two or four wheels and can be pulled or pushed by animals, humans, or machinery. Carts are commonly used in agricultural, industrial, and commercial settings for moving items from one place to another. They come in various sizes and designs, depending on their intended use.

Cart Meaning in English: In English, “cart” refers to a vehicle with wheels used for carrying goods or materials, especially in agricultural or industrial settings.

Cart Meaning in Hindi: In Hindi, “cart” is known as “गाड़ी” (gaadi), which also means a vehicle or carriage used for transporting goods.

Cart Meaning in Urdu: In Urdu, “cart” is referred to as “ٹھیلا” (thela), which signifies a wheeled vehicle used for carrying goods or merchandise.

Cart Meaning in Tamil: In Tamil, “cart” is called “கார்த்து” (kaarttu), representing a vehicle or wagon employed for the transportation of goods.

Cart Meaning in Marathi: In Marathi, “cart” is known as “गाडी” (gaadi), which denotes a cart or a vehicle used to transport goods.


Interpretations of Cart: The cart is often seen as a symbol of transportation, labor, and trade. It can represent the movement of goods, the efforts of workers, or the trade and commerce associated with transporting merchandise.

Cart Types

Types of Cart: There are various types of carts designed for specific purposes, including:

  • Handcart or Hand Truck.
  • Shopping Cart or Trolley.
  • Horse-drawn Cart.
  • Ox Cart or Bullock Cart.
  • Farm Cart.
  • Dump Cart.
  • Utility Cart.
  • Food Cart or Vendor Cart.
  • Golf Cart.
  • Pushcart or Street Vendor Cart.


Phrases of Cart:

  1. Cart before the horse: Doing things in the wrong order.
  2. Upset the apple cart: To cause a disturbance or disrupt plans.
  3. Carte blanche: Complete freedom or authority to act as one wishes.
  4. To be a one-horse/open cart: To have limited resources or options.
  5. Put the cart before the horse: To do things in the wrong order.
  6. On the cart: To be in trouble or facing difficulties.
  7. To push the cart: To assume control or responsibility.
  8. To upset someone’s apple cart: To cause someone trouble or inconvenience.
  9. To wheel out the big guns/bring out the big guns: To use powerful resources or influential people.
  10. To go off the reservation/off the cart: To deviate from the expected course of action.

Example Sentences

Example Sentences of Cart:

  1. The farmer used a horse-drawn cart to transport the harvested crops to the market.
  2. She filled the shopping cart with groceries and proceeded to the checkout counter.
  3. The vendors pushed their food carts along the busy street, offering delicious treats to passersby.
  4. The laborers carted heavy construction materials to the building site.
  5. The children enjoyed riding in the pony cart at the fair.
  6. The workers loaded the dump cart with debris from the demolition site.
  7. The gardener used a utility cart to carry gardening tools and supplies around the yard.
  8. The golfers rented a golf cart to move around the large golf course easily.
  9. The street performer wheeled out a colorful cart filled with various props for his act.
  10. The team had to put the cart before the horse due to the unexpected change in plans.

Similar and Opposite Words (Synonyms Antonyms)

Similar words of Cart: Wagon, carriage, trolley, truck, dray, barrow.

Opposite words of Cart: Receive, acquire, get, obtain, give, hand, deliver.