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Cellophane Meaning in Urdu and English with Examples – The Urdu translation of cellophane is “سیلوفین” (pronounced as “cellofeen”).

Cellophane meaning

What is cellophane meaning in english? Cellophane is a thin, transparent sheet made of regenerated cellulose, typically used as a packaging material to wrap items or cover surfaces while still allowing visibility.

Synonyms (English): Transparent paper, cellulose wrap, cellulose film.

Synonyms (Urdu): شفاف کاغذ، سیلولوز لپیٹنا، سیلولوز فلم۔

Antonyms (English): Opaque material, non-transparent material.

Antonyms (Urdu): غیر شفاف مواد، غیر شفاف مواد۔

Examples of cellophane:

  • She wrapped the gift in cellophane to give it a glossy finish.
  • The flowers were protected by a layer of cellophane to keep them fresh.

The meaning of Cellophane has been published in the Fendi Haris dictionary. Urdu and English Dictionary. ( Cellophane meaning )