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Cheers Meaning in Urdu and English with Examples – In Urdu, the word cheers can be translated as “خوشبو” or “شادابی” depending on the context. It carries the sense of joy, celebration, or encouragement similar to its English meanings.

Cheers meaning

What is cheers meaning in english? The word cheers has several meanings depending on the context in which it’s used:

  1. Exclamation of Celebration or Well-Wishing: It’s commonly used as an informal way to express joy, goodwill, or encouragement. For example, “Cheers to your success!” or “Cheers for a job well done!”
  2. To Toast with Alcoholic Beverages: It can also refer to the act of raising a glass of alcoholic beverage (such as wine, beer, or champagne) in a celebratory gesture before drinking. For example, “Let’s raise our glasses and cheers to the happy couple!”
  3. Encouragement or Support: In some contexts, “cheers” can be used to offer encouragement or express support for someone or something. For example, “Cheers for standing up for your beliefs!” or “Cheers to teamwork!”

Overall, cheers is a versatile word used to convey positive emotions, celebrate, toast, or offer support and encouragement.

Synonyms for Cheers (Urdu & English):

  • Urdu Synonyms: شادابی، خوشی، تسلی، انتہائی، خوشی، خوشحالی، خوشیاں
  • English Synonyms: Hooray, Hurrah, Bravo, Congratulations, Salute, Applause, Encouragement

Antonyms for Cheers (Urdu & English):

  • Urdu Antonyms: غم، رنج، افسوس، ناراضگی، پریشانی، فکرمندی
  • English Antonyms: Boo, Disapproval, Criticism, Jeers, Mockery, Sarcasm

Examples of Cheers:

  1. Exclamation of Celebration or Well-Wishing:
    • “Cheers to the newlyweds!”
    • “Cheers for a successful event!”
  2. To Toast with Alcoholic Beverages:
    • “Let’s raise our glasses and cheers to friendship!”
    • “Cheers to the weekend!”
  3. Encouragement or Support:
    • “You can do it! Cheers for your efforts!”
    • “Cheers for standing up for what you believe in!”

The meaning of Cheers has been published in the Fendi Haris dictionary. Urdu and English Dictionary. ( Cheers meaning )