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Definition and Meaning

Class Definition and Meaning: A class is a group or category of things or people that share common characteristics or attributes. It is a fundamental concept in various fields, including sociology, biology, mathematics, and education. In programming and object-oriented design, a class refers to a blueprint or template for creating objects that encapsulate data and behavior.

Word History

Class Word History: The word “class” originated from the Latin word “classis,” which initially referred to a division or group of people based on social or economic status. Over time, its meaning expanded to encompass other categorizations and groupings.


Class Interpretations: The interpretation of the term “class” can vary depending on the context. In social sciences, it often denotes a social group distinguished by factors such as wealth, occupation, or education level. In biology, it represents a taxonomic rank below phylum and above order. In education, it refers to a regular period of instruction or a group of students taught together.


Class Types:

  • Social Class: Refers to divisions within a society based on socioeconomic factors.
  • Taxonomic Class: Represents a rank in the biological classification system.
  • Object-Oriented Programming Class: Serves as a blueprint for creating objects in programming languages like Java or Python.


Class Phrases:

  • Class struggle: The conflict or tension between different social classes in a society.
  • Upper class: The highest social stratum characterized by wealth and privilege.
  • Middle class: The social group between the upper and lower classes, typically associated with moderate income and education.
  • Working class: The social group composed of people who perform manual labor or work in blue-collar occupations.

Example Sentences

Class Example Sentences:

  • “The sociology professor discussed the impact of social class on access to opportunities.”
  • “The biology textbook explained the characteristics that define a mammal class.”
  • “In the programming course, we learned how to create a class to model a car.”


Class Synonyms:

  • Category.
  • Group.
  • Division.
  • Rank.
  • Order.
  • Caste.
  • Stratum.
  • Type.
  • Kind.
  • Set.


Class Antonyms:

  • Disorder.
  • Chaos.
  • Disarray.
  • Randomness.


Class Translations:

  • in Hindi: वर्ग (varg).
  • in Urdu: طبقہ (tabqa).
  • in Tamil: வகுப்பு (vakuppu).
  • in Marathi: वर्ग (varga).
  • in Bengali: শ্রেণী (shreni).
  • in Telugu: క్లాస్ (klaas).
  • in Kannada: ವರ್ಗ (varga).

Conclusion What is Class?

Conclusion What is Class? A class is a concept used to group or categorize things or people with shared characteristics. It has various interpretations across different fields, including sociology, biology, mathematics, and programming. Understanding the meaning and context of the term “class” allows for effective communication and comprehension within these domains.

Class, What is Class, Class definition, Class meaning
Class, What is Class, Class definition, Class meaning