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Conference Call Definition & Meaning (Word History, Phrases Containing, Synonyms, Antonyms, Types, Example Sentence). What is a Conference Call? – ( Date. July 17, 2023 21:38:01 )


Conference Call Definition and Meaning – What is a Conference Call? A conference call is a telephone or video call involving multiple participants located in different locations. It allows individuals or groups to communicate and collaborate remotely, facilitating discussions, meetings, or presentations without the need for physical presence.

Word History

Conference Call Word History: The term “conference call” originated from the combination of “conference” and “call.” “Conference” comes from the Latin word “conferre,” which means “to bring together.” “Call” refers to the act of making a telephone or video call. The combination of these words signifies the purpose of bringing people together remotely through a call.

Phrases Containing

Conference Call Phrases Containing:

  • “Join the conference call”: This phrase is used to invite participants to connect to the ongoing call.
  • “Dial-in for the conference call”: It refers to the process of calling the designated phone number or using the provided access code to connect to the conference call.
  • “Conference call recording”: This phrase indicates the action of recording the audio or video of a conference call for future reference or documentation.
  • “Hold a conference call”: It means to initiate or organize a conference call for a specific purpose.
  • “Conference call etiquette”: This phrase refers to the proper behavior and guidelines to be followed during a conference call, such as muting when not speaking and avoiding background noise.


Conference Call Synonyms:

  • Teleconference.
  • Video conference.
  • Virtual meeting.
  • Remote meeting.
  • Online call.


The term “conference call” refers to a remote communication method, so its antonyms would be terms that describe in-person or non-remote communication.

Here are some antonyms for “conference call”:

  • In-person meeting: This phrase refers to a gathering where participants are physically present in the same location and interact face-to-face.
  • On-site discussion: It implies a meeting or conversation that takes place at a specific location, typically involving individuals who are physically present.
  • Face-to-face conversation: This term describes a direct interaction or dialogue between people who are in close physical proximity to each other.
  • In-office collaboration: It indicates working together with colleagues or team members in a shared physical workspace, allowing for immediate and direct communication.
  • Traditional meeting: This phrase refers to a conventional, in-person gathering where participants gather together for discussions or decision-making.

Please note that these terms represent the opposite concept of a conference call by emphasizing physical presence and direct interaction among participants.

Example Sentence

Conference Call Example Sentence:

  • “During the conference call, the team discussed the project timeline and assigned tasks to each member.”

Conference Call Types

Here are some common types of conference calls:

  • Audio Conference Call: This is the most basic type of conference call, where participants communicate through audio only. It typically involves multiple participants dialing in to a designated phone number or using a conference calling service.
  • Video Conference Call: In a video conference call, participants can see and hear each other using video conferencing technology. It allows for more visual interaction, non-verbal cues, and screen sharing capabilities.
  • Web Conference Call: Also known as a web conference or web meeting, this type of call combines both audio and video communication with screen sharing and collaboration features. Participants can join the call using their computer or mobile device and often have access to chat, file sharing, and other interactive tools.
  • Operator-Assisted Conference Call: In an operator-assisted conference call, a professional operator manages the call logistics and assists with various aspects such as participant introductions, call recording, and Q&A sessions. This type of call is typically used for large-scale or high-profile events.
  • Reservationless Conference Call: A reservationless conference call allows participants to join a call at any time without the need for prior scheduling or reservations. It provides a dedicated conference line or access code that participants can use whenever needed.
  • One-on-One Conference Call: This type of conference call involves only two participants, allowing for private discussions, negotiations, or interviews.
  • Team Collaboration Conference Call: A team collaboration conference call involves a group of individuals working together on a specific project or task. It facilitates collaboration, brainstorming, and decision-making among team members.
conference call - conference call definition - conference call meaning - what is a conference call
conference call – conference call definition – conference call meaning – what is a conference call