The meaning of A Costermonger is a term that refers to a street seller or vendor, typically in urban areas, who sells fruit, vegetables, or other goods from a cart, stall, or small market.

Costermonger Definition & Meaning

Costermonger Definition & Meaning: Costermongers are commonly associated with working-class areas and are known for their distinctive, often loud, and persuasive sales pitches to attract customers.


Origin of the term “Costermonger”: The term “Costermonger” is believed to have originated in 19th-century London, England. It combines two words: “costard,” which is an old variety of apple, and “monger,” which means a seller or trader. Therefore, a Costermonger was originally a seller of apples, but over time, the term broadened to encompass other types of street vendors.

Related terms

Related terms of “Costermonger”: In different parts of the world, similar terms exist to describe street sellers or vendors, though they may have slightly different connotations. For example, in India, a similar concept is the “Hawker” or “Sabjiwala” (vegetable seller), while in some other English-speaking countries, they may be called “hawkers,” “peddlers,” or “street vendors.”


Translations of “Costermonger” in different languages:

  • English: Costermonger
  • Hindi: थेलेवाला (Thelewala) or फलदार (Phaldar) (both terms refer to fruit sellers)
  • Urdu: تھیلا فروش (Thela Farosh) (referring to a cart seller)
  • Tamil: விற்பனை விதையாட்டர் (Viṟpaṉai vithaiyāṭṭar) (referring to a street vendor)
  • Marathi: फळाचा विक्रेता (Phaḷācā vikretā) (meaning fruit seller)

Please note that the translations provided above are approximate and may not fully capture the nuances of the term in each language. The concept of a street vendor may vary across cultures and regions. – ( Date. August 02, 2023 17:45:01 )

Costermonger meaning - what is costermonger
Costermonger meaning – what is costermonger