Cringe Meaning in Urdu – The meaning of cringe can be translated as چھپنا (Chhipna) or شرمندہ ہونا (Sharminda Hona). In English, the term cringe is a verb that means to recoil, flinch, or shrink back, often in response to something unpleasant, embarrassing, or socially awkward.

It can also describe behaving in a servile or excessively deferential manner.

Additionally, cringe can be used as a noun to refer to a feeling of embarrassment, discomfort, or awkwardness induced by something perceived as cringeworthy.

Definitions of Cringe:

  1. To shrink, bend, or crouch, especially in fear or servility.
  2. To behave in a servile or excessively deferential manner.

Synonyms for Cringe, similar to Cringe:

  1. Cower
  2. Grovel
  3. Recoil
  4. Flinch
  5. Wince

Antonyms for Cringe, opposite to Cringe:

  1. Assert
  2. Stand tall
  3. Confront
  4. Brave
  5. Face

Examples of Cringe:

  1. She cringed at the thought of having to apologize in front of everyone.
  2. His voice had a cringe-inducing quality that made everyone uncomfortable.
  3. The way he cringed in front of his boss was embarrassing to watch.
  4. Whenever he remembered his past failures, he couldn’t help but cringe.
  5. The movie’s dialogue was so poorly written that it made the audience cringe in their seats.