Gaslighting meaning

Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person or group seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or group, making them question their own memory, perception, or sanity. This tactic often involves the perpetrator denying their actions or statements, and instead, they might claim that the victim is misremembering or imagining things.

The meaning of Gaslighting and its history

The term “gaslighting” is used to describe this behavior and originates from the 1938 play “Gas Light” by Patrick Hamilton and its subsequent film adaptations, where a husband manipulates his wife by dimming the gas lights in their home and then denies the changes, making her doubt her sanity.

The meaning of Gaslighting and its types

Type of Gaslighting: There are various types of gaslighting, some of which include:

  • Withholding: The perpetrator withholds information or refuses to engage in meaningful communication, leaving the victim feeling confused and uncertain.
  • Trivializing: The perpetrator downplays the victim’s thoughts, feelings, or experiences, making them feel insignificant or overly sensitive.
  • Countering: The perpetrator challenges the victim’s memory or perception of events, creating doubt and making the victim question their reality.
  • Diverting: The perpetrator changes the subject or shifts blame to avoid accountability for their actions, causing the victim to question their own concerns.

The meaning of Gaslighting and this is an example

Example from Gaslighting:

  • A common example of gaslighting might be a person in a romantic relationship consistently telling their partner that they never said certain things or that their partner is exaggerating their emotions, leading the partner to question their memory and feelings.
Gaslighting Meaning - What is Gaslighting

The meaning of Gaslighting and this is an example sentence

Example sentences using the word “Gaslighting”:

  • “She realized her manipulative partner was gaslighting her when he insisted she was making up the conversations they had about their future plans.”
  • “Gaslighting can have severe emotional consequences and can lead the victim to doubt their own judgment.”
  • “The politician engaged in gaslighting, denying past statements and blaming the media for misquoting him.”

The meaning of Gaslighting and this is the correct pronunciation

Correct pronunciation of the word “Gaslighting”:

  • The correct pronunciation of “gaslighting” is: /ˈɡæsˌlaɪtɪŋ/

The meaning of Gaslighting and these are its synonyms and antonyms

Similarities and opposites of Gaslighting:

  • Similarities: Gaslighting is similar to psychological manipulation and emotional abuse, as it involves manipulating the victim’s perceptions and emotions.
  • Opposites: The opposite of gaslighting would be healthy communication and genuine validation of a person’s thoughts and feelings. In a healthy relationship, people respect each other’s perspectives and feelings without attempting to manipulate or discredit them.

The meaning of Gaslighting and this is the translation

  • Meaning of Gaslighting and translation in English: In English, “Gaslighting” refers to a psychological manipulation technique wherein a person or group tries to make someone doubt their own sanity or perception through denial, misdirection, or trivializing their experiences.
  • Meaning of Gaslighting and translation in Hindi: In Hindi, “Gaslighting” can be translated as “आत्मविश्वास विघटन” (Aatmavishwaas Vighatan), which conveys the idea of undermining or eroding a person’s self-confidence or self-belief.
  • Meaning of Gaslighting and translation in Urdu: In Urdu, “Gaslighting” can be translated as “خود سے شک کرنا” (Khud se shak karna), which means to doubt oneself or have suspicions about one’s own thoughts or perceptions.
  • Meaning of Gaslighting and translation in Tamil: In Tamil, “Gaslighting” can be translated as “தொல்லைத் தோற்றம்” (Tollaith Thorrtam), which conveys the idea of manipulative tactics that lead someone to doubt their own experiences or memories.

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