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Updated. February 17, 2024 5:03:45

What is a Grouse? The meaning of GROUSE is a term that can have multiple meanings as a Bird and as a Complaint.

Definition & Meaning

Here are the main definitions and meanings of the term “Grouse”:

  1. Grouse as a Bird: A grouse is a type of bird belonging to the family Tetraonidae, which includes various species found in different regions around the world. Grouse are typically plump, ground-dwelling birds known for their strong, short legs and feathered feet, which help them navigate through snow and rough terrain. They are popular among hunters and are also known for their distinctive courtship displays.
  2. Grouse as a Complaint: In informal usage, the word “grouse” can refer to a complaint or grievance, often expressing dissatisfaction about a particular situation or circumstance. When someone says they have a “grouse,” it means they have something they want to complain about.
Grouse Meaning


Origins of the Term “Grouse”: The term “grouse” originated in the early 16th century, and its exact origins are uncertain. As for its meaning related to a bird, it is believed to have derived from Old French “grouc,” which was used to describe the bird’s call. As for the meaning related to a complaint, the etymology is less clear, but it likely evolved from the sense of grumbling or grunting, which may have been associated with expressing dissatisfaction.


Here are some examples of the term “grouse” used in different contexts:

  1. Grouse as a Bird:
  • “During our hike in the wilderness, we spotted a few grouse crossing the trail.”
  • “Hunters often seek out grouse for sport during the hunting season.”
  • “The male grouse displayed its elaborate courtship dance to attract a mate.”
  1. Grouse as a Complaint:
  • “Sarah had a constant grouse about her noisy neighbors.”
  • “His main grouse with the new policy was that it lacked transparency.”
  • “The employees had various grouses regarding the management’s decision.”
  1. Grouse Shooting (related activity):
  • “Every autumn, enthusiasts gather for grouse shooting in the Scottish Highlands.”
  • “The estate offers grouse shooting experiences to those interested in traditional sports.”

It’s important to note that in the second context, “grouse” is often used informally to describe a minor or petty complaint, whereas in the first context, it refers to the bird species.

Related Terms

Related Terms of “Grouse”:

  • Grouse Shooting: Refers to the activity of hunting grouse, especially in the United Kingdom and some other countries where it is considered a traditional sport.


Translations of “Grouse”: Here are the translations of “Grouse” in various languages:

  • English: GROUSE
  • Hindi: तिरंगा मुर्गा (Tiranga Murga) or तितर (Titar)
  • Urdu: ٹیٹر (Titar)
  • Tamil: கிரவி (Kiravi)
  • Marathi: कोळी (Koli)

Please note that the translations might vary slightly depending on the context and region.

Grouse meaning - What is a Grouse
Grouse meaning – What is a Grouse

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