Introvert Meaning in Urdu اندر کو موڑن (Andar Ko Modna) – The term introvert refers to a person who tends to be more inward-focused, often preferring solitude or small-group interactions over large social gatherings.

Introverts typically recharge by spending time alone or engaging in activities that allow them to reflect and recharge their energy.

They often prefer depth over breadth in relationships and tend to be more reserved or introspective in social situations.

Definitions of Introvert:

  • A person who tends to shrink from social contacts and to become preoccupied with their own thoughts.
  • Someone who is predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things.

Synonyms for Introvert, Similar to Introvert:

  • Recluse, Hermit, Solitary, Loner, Wallflower, Shy Person, Reserved, Antisocial, Shy, Timid, Reticent, Withdrawn, Self-Contained, Secluded, Retiring, Quiet, Mute, Bashful, Uncommunicative.

Antonyms for Introvert, Opposite to Introvert:

  • Extrovert, Outgoing, Sociable, Social, Gregarious, Friendly, Talkative, Outspoken, Gregarious, Exuberant, Extroverted, Affable, Glib, Loquacious, Voluble, Societal, Boisterous.

Examples of Introvert:

  1. Sarah is an introvert who prefers spending her evenings reading books rather than going to parties.
  2. As an introvert, John finds large social gatherings exhausting and prefers one-on-one conversations.
  3. Despite being an introvert, Emily enjoys meaningful conversations with a few close friends.
  4. Being an introvert, Mark often retreats to his room to recharge after spending time in crowded places.
  5. While some people thrive in group settings, introverts like David feel more comfortable in quieter environments.