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The meaning of Jackdaw is a term that refers to a type of bird, specifically a species of corvid belonging to the crow family (Corvidae). The scientific name for the jackdaw is Corvus monedula. Jackdaws are relatively small birds with distinctive black plumage and grey napes. They are known for their social and intelligent nature, often forming large flocks and displaying complex behaviors.


Origins and Terms of “Jackdaw”: The term “jackdaw” originates from Old English, where it was known as “jac(k)dawe” or “jaecge” (related to Old High German “kaha”). The name likely imitates the bird’s call, which sounds like “jack, jack.”


Examples of “Jackdaw” Usage:

  • I saw a group of jackdaws perched on the roof of the old church.
  • The jackdaw’s nest was built high in the tree.
  • The curious nature of jackdaws often leads them to investigate new objects.

Related Terms

Related Terms of “Jackdaw”: Other terms related to jackdaws include:

  • Corvids: The family of birds that includes crows, ravens, rooks, magpies, and jackdaws.
  • Rook: Another species of corvid, Corvus frugilegus, similar to the jackdaw but larger.


Synonyms and Antonyms of “Jackdaw”: Synonyms: None provided. Antonyms: None provided.


Translations of “Jackdaw” in Various Languages:

  • English: Jackdaw
  • Hindi: जैकडॉ (pronounced as “Jaikda”)
  • Urdu: کئیک ڈا (pronounced as “Kayk Da”)
  • Tamil: கிளைக்டா (pronounced as “Kilaiktā”)
  • Marathi: जॅकडॉ (pronounced as “Jaekdaw”)

Please note that translations may vary slightly based on regional dialects and pronunciations.

What is A Jackdaw?

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