Name: Jonathan Dwight Jones.
Net Worth: $3 Million.
Profession: MMA ( Mixed Martial Artist ).
Weight: 113 kg.
Birthdate: Jul 19, 1987 (36 years old).
Birthplace: Rochester.
Gender: Male.
Nationality: United States of America.
Jon Jones Net Worth

What is Jon Jones Net Worth?

Jon Jones Net Worth:

  • Jonathan Dwight Jones is an American Mixed Martial Artist who has a net worth of $3 million.
  • Jonathan Dwight Jones signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship, where he is the UFC Heavyweight Champion.
  • A professional competitor since 2008, he has reigned as UFC Heavyweight Champion since 2023.

Career Highlights and Achievements

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion: Jon Jones has held the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship multiple times throughout his career and has been one of the most dominant champions in the division’s history.

Longest Reign as UFC Light Heavyweight Champion: Jones holds the record for the longest continuous reign as the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, with multiple successful title defenses.

Signature Moves: Jones is known for his unorthodox striking techniques, including spinning elbows, oblique kicks, and unorthodox clinch work.

Overall Record: Jones has an impressive professional MMA record with numerous victories over top-ranked opponents in the UFC.


Despite his immense talent and success inside the Octagon, Jon Jones has also faced several controversies throughout his career, including failed drug tests, legal issues, and disciplinary actions from the UFC.


Jon Jones is often mentioned in discussions about the greatest MMA fighters of all time. His combination of athleticism, skill set, and fight IQ has made him a standout performer in the sport, earning him a dedicated fan following despite his off-the-cage troubles.

People also ask

How much did Jon Jones get paid?

I don’t have specific details on Jon Jones’ recent earnings or financial situation. Fighter salaries in MMA can vary widely depending on factors such as the promotion (e.g., UFC), the significance of the fight, pay-per-view sales, sponsorships, and other sources of income. Fighters like Jon Jones can earn substantial sums from fight purses, bonuses, and endorsements.

Does Jon Jones still have a wife?

Regarding Jon Jones’ personal life, he was previously married to Jessie Moses. Personal relationships can evolve over time, so it’s advisable to check the latest news or updates for the most accurate information regarding Jon Jones’ marital status.

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