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Meaning of Nepotism in English

Nepotism - Nepotism meaning - What is Nepotism

The meaning of Nepotism is a term that refers to the practice of favoring or showing preferential treatment to relatives or close friends, especially in matters of employment, promotion, or other benefits. It involves giving positions of power, influence, or opportunities to family members or friends based on their relationship rather than their qualifications or merit.

Meaning: Nepotism is the act of showing favoritism towards family members or friends in professional or official matters.


Origins: The word “nepotism” has its origins in the Latin term “nepos,” which means “nephew” or “grandchild.” Historically, it was common for popes and other high-ranking officials in the Catholic Church to appoint their nephews or other close relatives to positions of power and influence.


Examples: Some examples of nepotism include:

  • a business owner hiring their family members for key roles without considering their qualifications
  • a politician appointing their son or daughter to a government position
  • a manager promoting their friend to a higher position without proper evaluation of their skills.

Related Terms

Related Terms: Nepotism is related to the concepts of cronyism (favoritism shown to close friends), patronage (providing support or benefits to individuals in exchange for loyalty or support), and favoritism (showing preference to someone without considering their abilities).


  • Synonyms: Favoritism, preferential treatment, bias, partiality, discrimination.
  • Antonyms: Meritocracy, impartiality, fairness, equal opportunity.


Translations of Nepotism:

  • Nepotism in Hindi: संबंधवाद (Sambandhavad)
  • Nepotism in Urdu: نوعمری (Nau Amri)
  • Nepotism in Tamil: குடும்ப உறுப்பினர் புகழ் (Kuṭumpa uṟuppiṉar pukal)
  • Nepotism in Marathi: नातासमर्थ्य (Nātāsamr̥tya)

It is important to note that nepotism can have negative consequences, as it may lead to the promotion of unqualified or inexperienced individuals, creating a sense of unfairness and demotivation among other employees or candidates who are more deserving. Organizations and institutions often strive to avoid nepotism to ensure a fair and merit-based environment.

What is Nepotism?

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