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The definition of “orison” is a prayer, supplication, or solemn plea.

Meaning of Orison in English
Orison Meaning - What is Orison - Fendi Haris Dictionary

It is a noun that refers to a formal or archaic term used to describe a prayer or an act of praying, especially one that is uttered aloud. The word is commonly used in religious or spiritual contexts to describe a devout or earnest prayer.


Origin: The word “orison” has its roots in Middle English and Old French, derived from the Latin word “ōrātiōnem,” which means “prayer” or “speech.”


Examples of orison in sentences:

  1. The monk knelt before the altar and began his orison for peace.
  2. She closed her eyes and offered a heartfelt orison for her ailing grandmother.
  3. The congregation joined in a collective orison for the victims of the disaster.


prayer, supplication, invocation, devotional, petition, plea, entreaty, intercession, benediction.

Thesaurus of orison


Translations of orison: In Hindi: प्रार्थना (prarthana) In Urdu: دُعا (dua) In Tamil: மகிழ்ச்சி கேட்கும் விண்ணப்பம் (magilcchi kēṭkum viṇṇappam) In Marathi: विनंती (vinanti) In Bengali: প্রার্থনা (prarthana)

Please note that “orison” is not a commonly used term in modern everyday language, and you are more likely to encounter it in literary or religious contexts.

What is Orison?

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