Plod Meaning in Urdu and English with Examples – In Urdu, the meaning of plod can be translated as “تھکتے مارتے قدم رکھنا” or “مشقت سے چلنا”. It refers to walking or working slowly and steadily, often with a sense of fatigue or lack of enthusiasm.

Plod Meaning:

  • To walk heavily or slowly with a tired and steady gait.
  • To work steadily and monotonously.

Synonyms for Plod (English):

  • Trudge
  • Trek
  • Slog
  • Stride
  • Toil

Antonyms for Plod (English):

  • Race
  • Sprint
  • Rush
  • Dash
  • Fly

Examples of Plod:

  1. He plodded along the path, his feet heavy with exhaustion.
  2. Despite the tedious work, she continued to plod through her assignments.
  3. The old man plodded through his daily routine, each step a testament to his determination.

What is Plod meaning in English? The word “plod” means to walk heavily or slowly with a tired and steady gait, often indicating a lack of energy or enthusiasm. It can also refer to working steadily and monotonously, especially on a task that requires persistent effort but may not be particularly exciting or rewarding. Essentially, “plodding” implies a slow, laborious, and often uninspired or unenthusiastic manner of movement or work