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What is Racketeering

What is Racketeering? Racketeering refers to a broad term used to describe a pattern of illegal or fraudulent activities carried out by organized criminal groups or individuals to make money or profit through illegal means. These activities can involve extortion, bribery, money laundering, loan sharking, illegal gambling, drug trafficking, and other forms of illicit businesses.

Word History

Word History of Racketeering – The term “racketeering” originated from the word “racket,” which referred to an illegal and fraudulent scheme aimed at making money. Over time, the term evolved to encompass a wide range of criminal activities conducted by organized crime syndicates.

Racketeering Meaning

Racketeering Meaning – The meaning of racketeering is the practice of conducting illegal or fraudulent activities to earn money through organized criminal operations.

Racketeering Meaning in English: Racketeering (noun): The act of engaging in illegal business activities to make money, typically associated with organized crime.

Racketeering Meaning in Hindi: रैकेटिंग (संज्ञा): ग़ैरक़ानूनी व्यापार गतिविधियों में लिप्त होने का काम, जिससे सामूहिक अपराध संगठनों के साथ जुड़ा होता है।

Racketeering Meaning in Urdu: ریکٹیرنگ (اسم): منظم جرائمی گروہوں یا افراد کے ذرائع سے غیر قانونی یا دغا بازی سے پیسے کمانے کا عمل۔

Racketeering Meaning in Tamil: ராக்கெட்டிங் (பெயர்): செயற்பாடு மற்றும் மோசடி முயற்சிகளின் மூலம் பணம் சம்பாதிக்கும் முறை, பொருட்கள் நிறுவனங்களுடன் கூடியது.

Racketeering Meaning in Marathi: रॅकिटिंग (नाम): गटांच्या अपराध संगठनांमध्ये संलग्न होण्याचं काम, ज्यामुळे गैरकायदेशीर व्यवसायिक कृतींचं धन कमवणे.

racketeering - what is racketeering - racketeering definition - racketeering meaning
racketeering – what is racketeering – racketeering definition – racketeering meaning


Interpretations of Racketeering:

  • Racketeering can be understood as the illegal and fraudulent conduct of business activities for monetary gain, typically linked to organized criminal organizations.


Types of Racketeering:

  • Various types of racketeering activities include extortion, bribery, money laundering, human trafficking, drug trafficking, illegal gambling, loan sharking, and counterfeiting, among others.


Phrases of Racketeering:

  • Extortionate practices.
  • Bribery schemes.
  • Money laundering operations.
  • Drug trafficking networks.
  • Illegal gambling rings.
  • Human trafficking operations.
  • Loan sharking activities.
  • Counterfeit goods production.
  • Protection racket schemes.
  • Corruption within legitimate businesses.
Phrases of Racketeering

Example Sentences

Example Sentences of Racketeering:

  1. The organized crime syndicate was involved in racketeering activities, including drug trafficking and illegal gambling.
  2. The authorities arrested several individuals on charges of racketeering and money laundering.
  3. The businessman was accused of participating in a racketeering scheme to evade taxes.
  4. The investigation revealed a vast network of racketeering operations that spanned across multiple cities.
  5. The mob boss was notorious for his involvement in various racketeering activities.
  6. The prosecution presented compelling evidence of racketeering, linking the defendant to the criminal organization.
  7. Law enforcement agencies worked together to dismantle the racketeering rings operating in the area.
  8. The authorities confiscated large sums of money believed to be proceeds from racketeering operations.
  9. The witness provided crucial testimony that exposed the inner workings of the racketeering enterprise.
  10. The anti-corruption unit was successful in disrupting several racketeering schemes within the government.
Racketeering Examples Sentences

Similar and Opposite ( Synonyms Antonyms ) of Racketeering

  • Similar words: Illicit activities, criminal enterprise, organized crime, illegal business.
  • Opposite words: Legitimate businesses, legal enterprises, lawful activities.

Summary of Racketeering

Summary, Definition of Racketeering – Racketeering involves engaging in illegal and fraudulent activities, often associated with organized criminal operations, with the intent of making money through unlawful means. This can include extortion, bribery, money laundering, drug trafficking, illegal gambling, and other illicit businesses. Racketeering is an umbrella term encompassing various forms of criminal enterprises and is typically prosecuted vigorously by law enforcement agencies to combat organized crime and protect society from its harmful effects.

What is Racketeering