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Rainbow shower Meaning in Urdu – The meaning of rainbow shower in Urdu is قوس قزح کا غسل (Qous-e-Qazah Ka Ghusl).

Rainbow Shower:

  • Urdu: قوس قزح کا غسل (Qous-e-Qazah Ka Ghusl)
  • English: A rainfall that occurs simultaneously with sunshine, resulting in the appearance of a rainbow.

Definitions of Rainbow Shower:

  1. A meteorological phenomenon characterized by rain falling while the sun is shining, often resulting in the formation of a rainbow.
  2. A natural event where precipitation falls from the sky in the form of rain, accompanied by sunlight, creating the optical illusion of a colorful arc known as a rainbow.

Synonyms for Rainbow Shower (Urdu & English):

  • Urdu Synonyms: قوس قزح کا غسل، امبالِ خوشبو، قوس قزح کی بارش
  • English Synonyms: Sunshower, Liquid Sunshine, Rainbow Rain

Antonyms for Rainbow Shower (Urdu & English):

  • Urdu Antonyms: بارش، برف باری، طوفان
  • English Antonyms: Heavy Rain, Thunderstorm, Snowfall

Examples of Rainbow Shower:

  1. As the sun peeked through the rain clouds, a beautiful rainbow shower graced the sky, delighting onlookers with its vibrant colors.
  2. We were surprised by a sudden rainbow shower during our picnic, turning an ordinary afternoon into a magical experience.
  3. The children ran outside to play in the refreshing rainbow shower, laughing and chasing the colorful arcs across the yard.

What is Rainbow Shower? A rainbow shower, also known as a sunshower, is a meteorological phenomenon that occurs when rain falls while the sun is shining. This simultaneous presence of rain and sunlight often results in the formation of a rainbow in the sky. It creates a picturesque scene where raindrops glisten in the sunlight, and a colorful arc appears against the backdrop of the clouds. Rainbow showers are considered a beautiful and somewhat rare occurrence, captivating observers with their stunning visual display.

Rainbow shower Meaning in Urdu
Rainbow Shower Meaning in Urdu