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Ramp Meaning in Urdu ریمپ . A ramp is a sloping surface or incline that connects two levels or facilitates movement between them.

It can be a natural formation, such as a hill or slope, or a constructed structure like a roadway or staircase. Ramps are commonly used for accessibility purposes, allowing people with disabilities or mobility impairments to access buildings or transportation easily.

They are also used in various recreational activities, such as skateboarding and BMX biking, where they serve as platforms for performing tricks and stunts. Additionally, ramps are essential in industries like construction and logistics for loading and unloading goods onto vehicles or navigating elevation changes in warehouses and factories.

Definitions of Ramp:

  1. A sloping surface connecting two levels; incline.
  2. An inclined plane or roadway connecting different levels.
  3. A movable stairway for entering or leaving a ship.

Synonyms For Ramp , Similar to Ramp:

Incline, Slope, Gradient, Hill, Sloping Surface, Access, Accession, Ascent, Bank, Climb, Gradient, Inclination, Incline, Rise, Slant, Upgrade, Upramp.

Antonyms For Ramp , Opposite to Ramp:

Decline, Decrease, Descent, Deterioration, Drop, Fall, Lowering, Reduction.

Examples of Ramp:

  1. The wheelchair ramp at the entrance of the building made it accessible for people with disabilities.
  2. The truck struggled to climb the steep ramp leading to the highway.
  3. The skateboarders enjoyed practicing tricks on the ramp at the skate park.
Ramp Meaning in Urdu
Ramp Meaning In Urdu