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Definition and Meaning: A reliquary is a container or shrine used to hold and display relics, which are usually the physical remains or personal belongings of saints, holy figures, or revered individuals in religious traditions. Reliquaries are considered sacred objects and are often beautifully crafted and adorned with precious materials such as gold, silver, gemstones, and intricate designs.


Origins: The term “reliquary” has its origins in the Latin word “reliquiarius,” which means “a custodian of relics.” The concept of preserving and venerating relics dates back to ancient times and is prevalent in various religious and cultural practices.


Examples of Reliquary: Examples of reliquaries can be found in many religious traditions. For instance, in Christianity, churches and cathedrals may have reliquaries that hold fragments of the cross, bones of saints, or other sacred objects associated with important religious figures. Similarly, in Buddhism, stupas serve as reliquaries, housing relics of Buddha or other significant Buddhist masters.

Related Terms

Related Terms of Reliquary:

  • Relic: The term “relic” refers to the physical remains or objects associated with a holy figure or a revered individual.
  • Reliquaries can also be associated with terms like “shrine,” “casket,” or “container.”


Synonyms and Antonyms of Reliquary:

  • Synonyms: Shrine, casket, container, repository, vessel, sarcophagus, reliquaire (French)
  • Antonyms: Ordinary container, secular box


Translations of Reliquary:

  • English to Hindi: धार्मिक अवशेष प्रदर्शनी (Dharmik Avashesh Pradarshani)
  • English to Urdu: پرسمان (Persamaan)
  • English to Tamil: புனித மாலைப்பெட்டி (Punita Mālaippetti)
  • English to Marathi: पावित्र्यांचा ठसबद्ध ठेवणारा गोडी (Pāvitrȳāñcā thasabaddha ṭhēvaṇārā gōḍī)

Please note that the translations provided are approximations and may not be the exact terms used in different languages or cultures. The concept of reliquaries and related terms may have slight variations across different religious and cultural contexts.

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