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Résumé definition

Résumé Definition: A résumé (pronounced “rez-uh-mey”) is a concise document summarizing an individual’s education, work experience, skills, accomplishments, and other relevant information. It is typically used as a tool for job applications and showcases an applicant’s qualifications to potential employers.

Word History

The word “resume” has an interesting history that traces its origins back to the Latin language.

  1. Latin: The word “resume” comes from the French word “résumé,” which is the past participle of the French verb “résumer.” The French word was derived from the Latin word “resumere,” which is a combination of “re-” (meaning “again” or “back”) and “sumere” (meaning “to take” or “to take up”).
  2. Old French: The term “résumé” was adopted into Old French as “resumer,” which retained its Latin roots, signifying “to take up again.”
  3. English: The word “resume” made its way into the English language during the 18th century, borrowed from Old French. Initially, it was used as a verb, meaning “to begin again after interruption” or “to continue after a pause.” For example, “Let’s resume the meeting after lunch.”
  4. Shift in Meaning: Over time, the term “resume” evolved in English to also refer to a document that summarizes a person’s educational background, work experience, skills, and accomplishments, usually for job applications. This usage became more widespread during the 20th century.

Today, “resume” is commonly used worldwide to refer to the document that showcases an individual’s qualifications for employment. However, as mentioned earlier, it can still be used as a verb to mean “to start again” or “to continue after an interruption” in various contexts.

Résumé noun meaning

Résumé Noun Meaning: The term “résumé” is a noun and refers to the document mentioned above that outlines an individual’s qualifications for a job or position.

Resume synonyms

Resume Synonyms: Other terms that can be used interchangeably with “résumé” include CV (curriculum vitae), bio-data, personal statement, employment history, and career summary.

Resume, What is Resume, Resume Definition, Resume Meaning, Resume Examples, Resume Synonyms, Resume Antonyms
Resume, What is Resume, Resume Definition, Resume Meaning, Resume Examples, Resume Synonyms, Resume Antonyms

Resume meaning and example

Resume Meaning and Example: The meaning of a resume is a summary of an individual’s qualifications, skills, and work experience presented in a document form.

Here’s an example sentence using “resume”:

  • “John submitted his résumé to the company, highlighting his academic achievements and relevant work experiences in the field of marketing.”

Resume format

Resume Format: The format of a resume can vary depending on the individual’s preferences and the industry norms. Common elements of a resume include personal information, professional summary, work experience, education, skills, and references.

Resume pronunciation

Resume Pronunciation: Résumé is pronounced as “rez-uh-mey.”

What is a resume letter

What is a Resume Letter: There is no specific term called “resume letter.” It is possible that some people may use the phrase to refer to a cover letter, which is a separate document submitted along with the resume. A cover letter is a letter of introduction that provides additional context and highlights specific qualifications relevant to the job application.

Resume meaning in hindi

Resume Meaning in Hindi: In Hindi, “resume” can be translated as “श्रीज्ञानांतरण” (Shreegyanantarṇ) or “सारांश” (Sārānś).

Resume in a sentence

Resume in a Sentence: “Mary worked hard to update her resume with recent certifications and achievements before applying for her dream job.”

What is the simple definition of resume?

What is the Simple Definition of Resume? The simple definition of a resume is a brief summary of a person’s qualifications, work experience, skills, and educational background, typically used when applying for jobs.

What is resume or CV?

What is Resume or CV? A resume and a CV (curriculum vitae) are similar but not identical. A resume is typically a shorter and more focused document, usually limited to one or two pages. It emphasizes key skills, work experiences, and achievements relevant to the job being applied for. On the other hand, a CV is more comprehensive and can be longer, providing a detailed overview of an individual’s entire academic and professional history.

What is known as resume?

What is Known as Resume? The document known as a “resume” is a brief summary of a person’s qualifications and work history, typically used for job applications.

Does resume have two meanings?

Does Resume Have Two Meanings? In general, “resume” refers to a summary of qualifications for a job application. However, in some contexts, “resume” can also refer to the act of starting or continuing an activity after an interruption. For example, “Please resume your work after the break.” Nonetheless, the primary and most common meaning of “resume” relates to the job application document.

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