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Rind Meaning in Urdu and English with Examples – The word rind in Urdu translates to “چھلکا” (Chhilka) or “پوست” (Poost), both of which refer to the outer covering or skin of something, such as the peel of a fruit.

Rind meaning

What is rind meaning in english? The term rind typically refers to the outer layer or covering of something, particularly fruits like oranges or watermelons, where the rind is the tough, outer skin or peel. It can also refer to the outer layer of cheese, which forms as a result of aging and can vary in texture and flavor depending on the type of cheese. In a broader sense, rind can refer to any outer covering or layer of something, whether it’s natural, like the skin of a fruit, or artificial, like the outer layer of paint on a surface.

Synonyms (Urdu):

  1. چھلکا (Chhilka)
  2. پوست (Poost)
  3. کھال (Khaal)

Synonyms (English):

  1. Peel
  2. Skin
  3. Husk
  4. Shell
  5. Crust

Antonyms (Urdu):

  1. اندرون (Androon)
  2. مغز (Maghaz)

Antonyms (English):

  1. Pulp
  2. Flesh

Examples of Rind:

  1. Urdu Example: سنترہ کے خوبصورت پھولوں کے بعد اس کا چھلکا نکال دیں۔ (After the beautiful flowers of the orange tree, remove its rind.)
  2. English Example: She ate the apple, leaving only the peel behind.

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