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Stasis refers to a state of equilibrium, stability, or balance in a system or situation.

Meaning of Stasis in English
Stasis Meaning - What is Stasis

Stasis Definition and Meaning: It denotes a condition where there is little or no change, movement, or progress, suggesting a static or unchanging state. It can be used in various fields, such as biology, medicine, politics, and social sciences, with slightly different nuances in each context.

Stasis Origin

Origins and Terms of Stasis: The term “stasis” comes from the ancient Greek word “stasis,” which means “standing still” or “stopping.” In rhetoric, stasis theory is a method used to categorize and analyze different types of arguments in a debate or speech, helping to identify the key points of disagreement and find common ground.


Examples of Stasis:

  • In a pond ecosystem, if the input of nutrients and the consumption by organisms are in balance, the system may reach stasis, with little change in the overall composition of the ecosystem over time.
  • In political discussions, when both sides hold firm to their positions and no compromise is reached, the debate may be in a state of stasis, with no progress made.
  • A patient with deep vein thrombosis (DVT) may experience blood stasis, where blood flow is hindered in the affected veins, leading to potential complications.

Related Terms

Related Terms of Stasis:

  • Stagnation, equilibrium, balance, stability, immobility, static, inertia, gridlock, deadlock.


Thesaurus Synonyms and Antonyms of Stasis:

  • Synonyms: Stability, equilibrium, inertia, immobility, standstill, stagnation.
  • Antonyms: Change, progress, movement, development, flux.


Translations of Stasis in Different Languages:

  • in Hindi: ठहराव (thaharaav)
  • in Urdu: جمود (Sabat)
  • in Tamil: தேக்கம் (Tēkkam)
  • in Marathi: स्टॅसिस (Sṭĕsisa)

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What is Stasis?

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