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Meaning of Vindicated in English

Vindicated - Vindicated Meaning - What is Vindicated

Definition and Meaning of “vindicated”: Vindicated is an adjective that refers to a state of being cleared from blame, suspicion, or criticism. When someone or something is vindicated, it means that they have been proven to be innocent, justified, or correct after facing doubt, accusation, or skepticism.


Origins of the Term “vindicated”: The word “vindicate” has its roots in the Latin word “vindicatus,” which is the past participle of “vindicāre,” meaning “to claim or avenge.” Over time, the term evolved to encompass the idea of proving one’s innocence or justifying their actions.


Examples of “vindicated” in a Sentence:

  1. After a long investigation, John was finally vindicated when the evidence proved his innocence.
  2. The scientist’s theories were initially met with skepticism, but later experiments vindicated her hypotheses.
  3. The athlete’s victory in the championship vindicated all the hard work and training she had put in.

Related Terms

Related Terms to “vindicated”:

  • Vindication (noun): The act of proving someone’s innocence or justifying a belief or action.
  • Vindicator (noun): A person or thing that supports, defends, or justifies someone or something.


  • Synonyms of “vindicated”: Justified, exonerated, cleared, acquitted, validated, confirmed, proven, absolved, substantiated, upheld.
  • Antonyms of “vindicated”: Blamed, accused, condemned, guilty, convicted, discredited, invalidated, rejected.


Translations of “vindicated” in other Languages:

  • Hindi: साबित किया गया (Saabit Kiya Gaya)
  • Urdu: توثیق کیا گیا (Toseeq Kiya Gaya)
  • Tamil: எண்ணிம செய்யப்பட்டது (Eṇṇima ceyyappaṭṭatu)
  • Marathi: खंडन केलेले (Khaṇḍana kēlēlē)

Please note that these translations are approximate and context-dependent. The meaning may vary slightly depending on the context in which the term is used.

What is A Vindicated?

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