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Find Out What is Emmy Nominations? Definition, Meaning of ‘Emmy Nominations’. Examples word, Synonyms, Antonyms for Emmy Nominations. – ( Date. July 13, 2023 08:48:01 )

Emmy Nominations Meaning

Emmy Nominations Meaning – The Emmy Awards, or simply the Emmys, are annual awards given to recognize excellence in the television industry. They are considered one of the most prestigious awards in the television industry, often compared to the Academy Awards (Oscars) for film and the Grammy Awards for music. The Emmys honor outstanding achievements in various categories, including acting, writing, directing, and production.

The Emmy nominations refer to the list of individuals, programs, and productions that have been selected as potential winners in their respective categories. The nominations are typically announced a few months before the actual Emmy Awards ceremony. The nomination process involves industry professionals, such as members of the Television Academy, submitting their votes to determine the nominees. The nominations reflect recognition and acknowledgment of the outstanding work and talent exhibited in the television industry during the eligibility period.

Being nominated for an Emmy is a significant achievement and indicates that the work or individual has been recognized by their peers for their excellence in their respective field. The nominees are considered as contenders for the Emmy Award in their category, and ultimately, the winners are determined through a final round of voting by members of the Television Academy. The Emmy Awards ceremony is a highly anticipated event where the winners are announced and celebrated.

What is Emmy Nominations

What is Emmy Nominations? The Emmy Awards, often referred to as the Emmys, are prestigious accolades presented annually in recognition of excellence in the television industry. They are considered one of the most esteemed awards in television. The Emmy Awards cover a wide range of categories, including drama, comedy, variety shows, miniseries, made-for-television movies, and more.

The Emmy nominations are the initial stage of the Emmy Awards process. Each year, television shows, actors, actresses, directors, writers, and other industry professionals submit their work for consideration. A panel of judges, composed of members from the Television Academy, reviews the submissions and determines the nominees in each category.

Once the nominations are announced, the industry and viewers eagerly await the Emmy Awards ceremony, where the winners are revealed. The winners are chosen by voting members of the Television Academy, which includes professionals from various sectors of the television industry. The ceremony itself is a star-studded event attended by industry insiders, celebrities, and fans, and it is broadcasted live on television.

Receiving an Emmy nomination is a significant achievement and recognition of outstanding work in television. It brings attention to the nominated shows and individuals, often resulting in increased viewership and recognition within the industry. Winning an Emmy is considered the highest honor in the television world and can greatly impact an individual’s career.

Emmy Nomination Examples

Here are some examples of Emmy nominations from previous years:

  • Outstanding Drama Series:
    • Game of Thrones
    • Breaking Bad
    • The Handmaid’s Tale
    • Stranger Things
    • The Crown
  • Outstanding Comedy Series:
    • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
    • Veep
    • Atlanta
    • The Big Bang Theory
    • Modern Family
  • Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series:
    • Bryan Cranston for Breaking Bad
    • Jon Hamm for Mad Men
    • Sterling K. Brown for This Is Us
    • Matthew Rhys for The Americans
    • Bob Odenkirk for Better Call Saul
  • Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series:
    • Claire Foy for The Crown
    • Elisabeth Moss for The Handmaid’s Tale
    • Viola Davis for How to Get Away with Murder
    • Robin Wright for House of Cards
    • Sandra Oh for Killing Eve
  • Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series:
    • Tony Hale for Veep
    • Alec Baldwin for 30 Rock
    • Ty Burrell for Modern Family
    • Andre Braugher for Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    • Louie Anderson for Baskets
  • Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series:
    • Kate McKinnon for Saturday Night Live
    • Alex Borstein for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
    • Julie Bowen for Modern Family
    • Allison Janney for Mom
    • Megan Mullally for Will & Grace
  • Outstanding Limited Series:
    • Chernobyl
    • The Queen’s Gambit
    • When They See Us
    • Fargo
    • Big Little Lies

Please note that these examples are based on previous Emmy nominations and winners, and the actual nominations for the current year may vary.

Emmy Nominations - What is Emmy Nominations - Emmy Nominations Meaning
Emmy Nominations – What is Emmy Nominations – Emmy Nominations Meaning

Emmy Nominations Synonyms

Here are some synonyms for “Emmy Nominations”:

  • Emmy nods.
  • Emmy awards nominations.
  • Emmy contenders.
  • Emmy hopefuls.
  • Emmy nominees.
  • Emmy picks.
  • Emmy recognition.
  • Emmy selections.
  • Emmy honorees.
  • Emmy candidates.

Emmy Nominations Antonyms

Here are some antonyms (opposites) for the term “Emmy Nominations”:

  • Non-selection.
  • Exclusion.
  • Rejection.
  • Snub.
  • Omission.
  • Disregard.
  • Neglect.
  • Overlook.
  • Ignoring.
  • Dismissal.

Please note that these terms represent the opposite concept of receiving an Emmy nomination, rather than specific antonyms for the term itself.