What is Jilt?

The word “jilt” is a verb and a noun that refers to the act of rejecting or abandoning someone who has romantic or emotional expectations.

Jilt Definition & Meaning

When someone jilts another person, they essentially end a romantic relationship or reject the advances or affection of the other person. It can also be used as a noun to describe a person who engages in such behavior.

For example, if someone is dating another person and decides to break up with them abruptly or without warning, they can be said to have jilted their partner. Similarly, if a person repeatedly starts and ends relationships without commitment or loyalty, they might be described as a “jilt.”

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  • What does JILT mean slang?

    In slang, “jilt” is not commonly used with a significantly different meaning from its standard definition. It typically still refers to rejecting or ending a romantic relationship in an abrupt or callous manner. Slang can vary regionally and change over time, so it’s possible that “jilt” may have a slightly different connotation in some specific contexts or among certain groups, but there isn’t a widely recognized slang meaning that significantly deviates from the standard definition

  • What is an example of a JILT?

    Here’s an example of how “jilt” can be used in a sentence:
    “He promised her a future together, but he jilted her just before their wedding, leaving her heartbroken and confused.”

  • What does JILT mean Oxford?

    As for the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), it is a reputable and comprehensive dictionary that provides detailed information about the meanings, origins, and usage of words. The definition of “jilt” in the OED would align with the standard definition provided earlier, which is about rejecting or abandoning someone romantically or emotionally. The specific wording and examples may vary, but the core meaning remains the same.

In summary, “jilt” is a term used to describe the act of abruptly ending a romantic relationship or rejecting someone’s romantic advances, and it can also refer to a person who engages in such behavior.