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The Aesthetic meaning in Urdu can be translated as جمالی (jamaali), خوبصورتی (khubsurati), or فنی (fani), depending on the context. These terms all relate to beauty, art, and the appreciation of visual or sensory experiences.

Definitions of Aesthetic:

  1. Adjective: Relating to the appreciation of beauty or good taste.
  2. Noun: The philosophical study of beauty and taste, especially in the arts.

Synonyms For Aesthetic, Similar to Aesthetic:

  1. Beautiful
  2. Artistic
  3. Elegant
  4. Stylish
  5. Graceful
  6. Attractive
  7. Pleasing
  8. Cultured
  9. Refined
  10. Sophisticated

Antonyms For Aesthetic, Opposite to Aesthetic:

  1. Ugly
  2. Unattractive
  3. Tasteless
  4. Unsightly
  5. Vulgar
  6. Crude
  7. Unrefined
  8. Coarse
  9. Tacky
  10. Clumsy

Examples of Aesthetic:

  1. The minimalist aesthetic of the room was calming and elegant.
  2. Her photographs captured the natural beauty of the landscape with a unique aesthetic.
  3. The museum’s exhibition featured a range of artistic styles, each with its own distinct aesthetic.
  4. The fashion designer aimed for an aesthetic that combined vintage charm with modern sophistication.
  5. The architecture of the building reflected a sleek and contemporary aesthetic.
  6. The movie’s visual aesthetic, with its use of color and lighting, added depth to the storytelling.
  7. The garden was designed with an aesthetic that celebrated the harmony between nature and human creativity.
  8. The restaurant’s interior design had a rustic aesthetic, with reclaimed wood and earthy tones.
  9. The artwork showcased at the gallery represented a diverse range of cultural aesthetics.
  10. The website’s clean and minimalist aesthetic made it easy to navigate and visually appealing.
Aesthetic Meaning in Urdu
Aesthetic Meaning In Urdu

The term aesthetic in English is an adjective that refers to qualities of beauty, art, or taste. It can also be used as a noun to describe the principles underlying the beauty or artistic taste in a particular work of art or design.

Overall, aesthetic encompasses the appreciation and understanding of beauty, harmony, and visual or sensory appeal.

It often relates to the subjective perception of what is considered pleasing or attractive in various forms of expression, such as art, literature, fashion, architecture, and design.