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Asynchronous meaning in Urdu and English with examples – The meaning of asynchronous in Urdu is غیر ہماہنگ or بے موازنہ


Meaning in Urdu: بے موازنہ ۔ بے ترتیب ۔ غیر ہماہنگ

Meaning in English: Not occurring at the same time or rate.

Synonyms in Urdu: بے موازنہ, بے ترتیب, غیر ہماہنگ

Synonyms in English: Uncoordinated, Non-simultaneous, Unsynchronized

Antonyms in Urdu: موازنہ کار, ہماہنگ, ترتیب شدہ

Antonyms in English: Synchronous, Simultaneous, Coordinated

Examples of Asynchronous:

  1. In an asynchronous class, students can complete assignments at their own pace.
  2. The asynchronous communication between the two systems caused delays in data transfer.
  3. Asynchronous motors do not operate in sync with the frequency of the power supply.
  4. Email is an example of asynchronous communication, unlike instant messaging which is synchronous.
  5. The asynchronous nature of the project made it difficult to coordinate deadlines with team members in different time zones.
Asynchronous meaning
Asynchronous meaning