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Bassinet Meaning in Urdu and English with Examples – In Urdu, Bassinet can be translated as “بیبی کونڈی” (Baby Kundi) or “بچوں کی کونڈی” (Bachon ki Kundi). Both phrases refer to a small bed or cradle specifically designed for babies.

Bassinet meaning

What is bassinet in english? A bassinet is a small bed specifically designed for babies, often with rockers or wheels, and typically resembling a basket or cradle in shape and size. It provides a cozy and secure sleeping space for infants, usually used during their early months.

Synonyms for Bassinet (Urdu):

  1. بچے کی کونڈی – Bachay ki Kundi
  2. بچوں کی پلنگن – Bachon ki Palangan

Synonyms for Bassinet (English):

  1. Cradle
  2. Crib
  3. Cot
  4. Baby bed

Antonyms for Bassinet (Urdu):

  1. بڑا بستر – Bara Bistar (Large bed)
  2. سونے کی تکیہ – Sone ki Takia (Pillow for sleeping)

Antonyms for Bassinet (English):

  1. Adult bed
  2. King-size bed

Examples of Bassinet:

  1. The newborn slept peacefully in the bassinet beside the parents’ bed.
  2. She gently rocked the bassinet to soothe the crying baby.
  3. The hospital provided a clean bassinet for the newborn to rest in.