Foil Meaning in Urdu and English with Examples – The meaning of foil in urdu is ہار ( Haar ).

Foil meaning

  • English: A thin sheet of metal, especially one of an alloy of tin and lead.
  • Urdu: ایک پتلی دھات کی شیٹ، خاص طور پر ایک تانبے اور سیسے کا مرکب۔

Synonyms for Foil:

  • English:
    1. Metal leaf
    2. Aluminum foil
    3. Tin foil
    4. Tinplate
    5. Metal sheet
  • Urdu:
    1. دھات کی پتلی
    2. الومنیم پتلی
    3. تانبہ پتلی
    4. تانبہ پتلی
    5. دھات کی شیٹ

Antonyms for Foil:

  • English:
    1. Aid
    2. Support
    3. Assist
    4. Promote
  • Urdu:
    1. مدد
    2. سہارا
    3. معاونت
    4. فروغ دینا

Definition of Foil

  1. Noun – Thin Sheet of Metal: A foil refers to a thin sheet of metal, typically made of aluminum, tin, or another metal alloy. It is often used for wrapping food, covering dishes, or in various crafts and artwork.
  2. Verb – Prevent from Succeeding: As a verb, “foil” means to prevent someone or something from succeeding in their plans or endeavors. It implies thwarting or frustrating someone’s efforts.
  3. Literary Device – Character Contrast: In literature, a “foil” is a character who contrasts with another character, usually the protagonist, in order to highlight particular qualities of the main character. The foil character often emphasizes the traits of the protagonist through their differences.
  4. Fencing – Weapon: In fencing, a “foil” is a type of weapon used in the sport. It is a lightweight, flexible sword with a blunted tip.
  5. Architecture – Ornamental Design: In architecture, a “foil” can refer to a leaf-shaped architectural ornament, often found in Gothic architecture, resembling the leaves of a plant.
  6. Gem Cutting – Facet: In gem cutting, a “foil” refers to a thin layer of metal placed under a gemstone to enhance its appearance or provide backing.

Examples of Foil:

  • English:
    1. She wrapped the sandwich in aluminum foil to keep it fresh.
    2. The artist used a metal foil to create intricate designs in her artwork.
  • Urdu:
    1. اس نے سینڈوچ کو تازہ رکھنے کے لئے الومنیم فوئل میں لپیٹا۔
    2. فنکار نے اپنے کارکردگی میں پیچیدہ تصاویر بنانے کے لئے دھاتی فوئل کا استعمال کیا۔