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Updated. February 21, 2024 12:28:25

Gripe is a noun that refers to a complaint or expression of dissatisfaction about something, usually a minor annoyance or discomfort. It can also be used as a verb, meaning to express a complaint or grumble about something.

Gripe Definition & Meaning

As a noun, “gripe” means a feeling of dissatisfaction or a minor complaint. For example, if someone has a gripe about a product they purchased, they might express their dissatisfaction with its quality or performance.

As a verb, “to gripe” means to express dissatisfaction or to complain about something. For instance, if someone gripes about their long commute to work, they are expressing their annoyance with the travel time.


Origins of the term: The word “gripe” originated from Old English “grīpan,” which means “to seize or grasp firmly.” Over time, its meaning evolved to include the notion of grasping or seizing something with dissatisfaction, leading to its current meaning of expressing complaints.

Related Terms

Related Terms of Gripe: Synonyms for “gripe” include complain, grumble, whine, kvetch, moan, and protest. Antonyms could be praise, compliment, commend, and endorse.


Translations of Gripe:

  • English: Gripe
  • Hindi: शिकायत (Shikayat)
  • Urdu: شکایت (Shikayat)
  • Tamil: புகழ் போன்ற குறைவு (Pukal pōṉṟa kuṟaivu)
  • Marathi: अनिमाना (Animānā)

These translations provide the equivalent word for “gripe” in each language listed. Keep in mind that language nuances may result in variations in the exact meaning or usage. – ( Date. August 02, 2023 17:32:01 )

Gripe meaning - what is gripe
Gripe meaning – what is gripe