Harpoon Meaning in Urdu and English with Examples – The word harpoon can be translated to Urdu as “ہارپون” (pronounced as “harpoon”), which refers to the same long spear-like weapon used for hunting large fish or marine mammals.

Harpoon meaning

What is harpoon meaning in english? The term harpoon refers to a long spear-like weapon primarily used for hunting large fish or marine mammals, such as whales. It typically consists of a sharp, pointed head attached to a long shaft, which can be thrown by hand or launched from a boat. Harpoons have been historically used by various cultures for hunting and fishing in marine environments.

Synonyms for Harpoon:

English: Spear, javelin, lance, gig

Urdu: نیزہ، بل، تلوار

Antonyms for Harpoon:

English: None (as harpoon is a specific type of weapon and doesn’t have direct opposites)

Urdu: کوئی نہیں (کیونکہ ہارپون ایک مخصوص قسم کا ہتھیار ہے اور اس کا مستقیم مخالف نہیں ہوتا)

Examples of Harpoon:

  1. The Inuit hunter skillfully hurled his harpoon at the seal, piercing its thick blubber.
  2. The whalers used harpoons to catch the massive whales, ensuring a steady supply of oil for their lamps.
  3. The ancient fishermen relied on harpoons to spear fish from their small boats in the open sea.
  4. Modern fishing vessels are equipped with harpoon guns to efficiently hunt large marine creatures like swordfish and tuna.

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