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Limber Meaning in Urdu and English with examples – The meaning of limber in urdu is لچکدار (Lachakdar).

Limber meaning:

  • Flexible, supple, or easily bent.
  • Able to move or bend easily; agile.
  • (Military) A two-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle used to tow artillery pieces, ammunition wagons, etc.


  • Urdu: لچکدار (Lachakdar).
  • English: Flexible, supple, agile, pliant, lithe, elastic, nimble.


  • Urdu: کڑا (Kara), سخت (Sakht), سختی (Sakhti).
  • English: Stiff, rigid, inflexible, unbending

Examples of limber

  1. He stretched his arms and legs to stay limber before the race.
  2. The gymnast’s limber body allowed her to perform intricate maneuvers.
  3. The soldiers hitched the limber to the artillery piece and prepared to move it into position.
Limber meaning
Limber meaning