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Obsessed Meaning in Urdu – In Urdu, obsessed translates to مسخرہ (Mas’harah). It refers to being preoccupied or fixated on something to an extreme or unhealthy extent.

Definitions of Obsessed:

  • Preoccupied or filled with an idea, desire, or emotion to the point of fixation.
  • In psychiatry, having an obsession or compulsion that significantly interferes with normal functioning.

Synonyms for Obsessed, similar to Obsessed:

  • Fixated, Consumed, Possessed, Fanatical, Infatuated, Compulsive, Addicted, Besotted, Preoccupied, Enamored, Fixated, Gripped.

Antonyms for Obsessed, opposite to Obsessed:

  • Indifferent, Unconcerned, Disinterested, Detached, Unaffected, Impartial, Apathetic.

Examples of Obsessed:

  • She was obsessed with finding the perfect job.
  • He became obsessed with the idea of winning the competition.
  • Sarah is obsessed with cleanliness; she spends hours scrubbing and organizing.

Obsessed meaning in English:

Obsessed in English means being preoccupied or consumed with a particular idea, desire, or emotion to an unhealthy or extreme degree. It can refer to a state of fixation or compulsion where one’s thoughts or actions are dominated by a particular obsession

Obsessed Meaning In Urdu
Obsessed Meaning In Urdu