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Recession Meaning in Urdu – The meaning of recession in Urdu is کساد بازاری (Kasaad Baazaari).


  • Urdu: کساد بازاری
  • English: A period of economic decline characterized by a decrease in economic activity, business profits, and wages, and an overall decline in the general economy.

Definitions of Recession:

The meaning of recession in English is A period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced, generally identified by a fall in GDP in two successive quarters.

Synonyms for Recession (Urdu & English):

  • Urdu: انخفاض , زوال , ما نگ کا انخفاض , معاشی گراوٹھ , کمزوری
  • English: Economic downturn, Slump, Decline, Contraction, Depression.

Antonyms for Recession (Urdu & English):

  • Urdu: ترقی , افزائش , اضافہ , برقراری , استحکام.
  • English: Growth, Expansion, Increase, Stability, Prosperity.

Examples of Recession:

  1. During the recession, many businesses had to lay off employees to cut costs.
  2. The housing market plummeted during the recession, leading to a decrease in property values.
  3. Unemployment rates soared as a result of the recession, leaving many people struggling to find jobs.
  4. Consumer spending drastically declined during the recession, impacting retail sales across the country.
  5. The government implemented various stimulus measures to combat the effects of the recession and stimulate economic growth.

What is Recession? A recession is a significant decline in economic activity that lasts for an extended period of time, usually characterized by a decrease in GDP (Gross Domestic Product), employment, income levels, industrial production, and retail sales. During a recession, businesses may cut back on production, leading to layoffs and higher unemployment rates. Consumers tend to spend less, which further contributes to the economic downturn. Recessions can have widespread effects on various sectors of the economy and can lead to financial hardships for individuals and businesses. Central banks and governments often implement measures to try to mitigate the impacts of a recession and stimulate economic recovery.

Recession Meaning in Urdu
Recession Meaning in Urdu