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Subhanallah meaning in urdu and english – The meaning of subhanallah in urdu is سبحان اللہ.

Subhanallah meaning

Subhanallah is an Arabic phrase commonly used by Muslims to express praise and admiration for Allah, meaning Glory be to Allah or Exalted is Allah. It is often recited in moments of awe, gratitude, or wonderment towards the greatness of Allah.

Definitions of Subhanallah:

  1. Urdu: سبحان اللہ
    • اللہ کی تعریف یا تعریف کی کلمہ جات ۔
  2. English: Subhanallah
    • An Arabic phrase used by Muslims to praise and glorify Allah.

Synonyms for Subhanallah (Urdu & English):

  1. Urdu:
    • “تسبیح”
    • “مسبح”
    • “تحمید”
  2. English:
    • “Glory be to Allah”
    • “Exalted is Allah”
    • “Praise be to Allah”

Antonyms for Subhanallah (Urdu & English):

  1. Urdu:
    • “غفور”
    • “رحمان”
    • “رحیم”
  2. English:
    • “Forgiving”
    • “Merciful”
    • “Compassionate”

Examples of Subhanallah:

  1. Upon witnessing a breathtaking sunset, one might say, “Subhanallah, how beautiful Allah’s creation is.”
  2. In response to a miraculous event, someone might exclaim, “Subhanallah, only Allah could have made this happen.”
  3. After completing a prayer and reflecting on its significance, a person might softly repeat, “Subhanallah, praise be to Allah.”
  4. During moments of hardship and turning to Allah for strength, a person may whisper, “Subhanallah, Allah’s power knows no bounds.”
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Subhanallah Meaning In Urdu and English