Technical issue Meaning in Urdu – The meaning of technical issue in Urdu is فنی مسئلہ (Fanni Mas’ala).

Technical Issue:

  • Urdu: فنی مسئلہ
  • English: A problem or concern related to technology, machinery, or a specific technical aspect.

Definitions of Technical Issue:

  1. A difficulty or challenge pertaining to the functionality, operation, or performance of technological systems, equipment, or processes.
  2. An obstacle or complication arising from the application of specialized knowledge or skills in a particular field.

Synonyms for Technical Issue (Urdu & English):

  • Urdu Synonyms: فنی مسئلہ
  • English Synonyms: Technological problem, Engineering challenge, Mechanical complication, Software glitch, System error.

Antonyms for Technical Issue (Urdu & English):

  • Urdu Antonyms: مشکل
  • English Antonyms: Simple solution, Non-technical problem, Basic task, Routine operation.

Examples of Technical Issue:

  1. The technical issue with the software prevented users from accessing their accounts.
  2. We encountered a technical issue during the assembly of the machinery, delaying the production process.
  3. The technical issue in the network configuration led to intermittent internet connectivity.
  4. Solving this technical issue requires expertise in coding and software development.
  5. Despite our efforts, we couldn’t resolve the technical issue with the circuit board.

What is Technical Issue? A technical issue refers to a problem or complication related to technology, machinery, or a specific technical aspect. It can encompass a wide range of difficulties such as software bugs, hardware malfunctions, network errors, programming issues, system failures, or any other technical challenge that hinders the normal operation or functionality of a device, system, or process. Technical issues are typically addressed and resolved by individuals with expertise in the relevant technical domain.