Karma Meaning in Urdu and English – The meaning of karma in Urdu is کرما.

Karma Meaning

Definition in English: Karma is a concept originating from Hinduism and Buddhism that refers to the principle of cause and effect, where one’s actions (good or bad) influence their future experiences and circumstances, either in this life or in subsequent existences.

Definition in Urdu: کرما ہندو دین کی فلسفے میں اور بدھ مت کی روایت میں ایک مفہوم ہے جو عمل و مفلس وابستہ ہوتا ہے، جہاں انسان کے اعمال (اچھے یا برے) ان کی مستقبلی تجربات اور حالات کو متاثر کرتے ہیں، یا اس زندگی میں یا مستقبل کے وقتی حیاتوں میں۔

Synonyms for Karma (English): Fate, Destiny, Consequence, Retribution, Effect, Action, Result, Repercussion.

Synonyms for Karma (Urdu): مقدر، تقدیر، نتیجہ، سزا، اثر، عمل، پرینام، ردعمل۔

Antonyms for Karma (English): Free will, Choice, Liberty, Independence, Volition.

Antonyms for Karma (Urdu): خود ارادہ، اختیار، آزادی، استقلال، ارادہ، خواہش، اختیار۔

Examples of Karma:

  1. Positive Karma: Helping someone in need may lead to positive experiences or blessings in one’s life later on.
  2. Negative Karma: Engaging in deceitful behavior could result in facing consequences or hardships in the future.
  3. Instant Karma: Being kind to others often leads to an immediate feeling of happiness or fulfillment.
  4. Karmic Cycle: The belief that one’s actions in past lives affect their current circumstances is an example of the karmic cycle in Hinduism and Buddhism.
  5. Karma Yoga: Practicing selfless service or actions without attachment to outcomes, as a path to spiritual growth, is a concept in Hindu philosophy known as Karma Yoga.